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Revolutionizing Long-Term Care Environments

About Us

Sensi is the world’s first in-home 24/7 virtual care agent using audio AI technology. This innovation empowers long-term care providers to tackle significant challenges in the care industry, offering an unprecedented level of insight and support for senior care.

Our Mission

To unleash growth, productivity, and purpose for home care agencies, empowering every senior to safely age in place through care intelligence.

Sensi Leadership

Leadership Team

Changing the world requires a clear vision, a team with outstanding skills and the dedication to carry it out. Our team is all of that, and more…

Romi Gubes
  • CEO at Sensi.AI | Raising the Bar in Elder Care
  • Over 10 years of product management and software engineering experience in fortune 500 companies.
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Nevo Elmalem
  • Co-Founder & CTO at Sensi.Ai
  • Founding team at Oribi, SecureNative and Yolion, building the solution stacks and the R&D team from scratch.
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Alon Brener
  • Co-Founder & CRO at
  • Serial entrepreneur, client acquisition and growth management expert.
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