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Unique Intelligence for the Care Network

Beautifully Designed to Maximize Care Outcomes

Compassion Meets Innovation

A collage of a pair of elderly hands making the shape of a heart with numerous medical-related phrases written over them such as: dizziness, cognitive difficulty, skin integrity, sleep issues, etc.

Imagine a 70-year-old senior named Alice under your care, facing hospitalizations from medication errors, falls, cognitive decline, and UTIs.

What if you were notified in time to take action and prevent these incidents?

Sensi detects, predicts, and prevents issues, supporting you, your seniors, and their families.

What’s Sensi?

Sensi is your 24/7 strategic care co-pilot, using audio technology with the highest level of precision to provide a 360-degree understanding of a senior’s needs.

Always-On Care Assessment

From Reactive to Proactive

Sensi detects care anomalies, captures relevant audio clips and transcripts, and alerts you with recommended actions for the senior’s family.

Caregiver Empowerment

From Frustrated to Engaged

Sensi provides insights on caregiver-client dynamics, enabling coordinated responses, caregiver rewards, and optimal pairings.

Reimagined Care Operations

From Chaos to Coordination

Sensi helps prioritize the care team’s time and facilitates collaboration and task management.

Predictive Care Intelligence

From Partial to Holistic

Sensi identifies care patterns and provides insights, spotting trends for early action.

The Standard of Care for Agencies

A collage of the Sensi Home Pod device with examples of the app view in laptop & mobile devices

Sensi is extremely easy to use!

  • Plug in Sensi’s in-home pods within seconds.
  • Access client insights via desktop and anytime anywhere via mobile app.
  • Manage multiple locations with exceptional proactive care.

Sensi is HIPAA compliant.

Intelligence Across the Care Ecosystem

The potential for delivering value is limitless

A stylized treatment of the Sensi "S" set in white on a blue gradient circle
Icon: Home Care Provider

Home Care Provider

Icon: Specialty Doctors

Specialty Doctors

Icon: Family Caregiver

Family Caregiver

Icon: Payer


Icon: Emergency Monitoring Services

Emergency Monitoring

Icon: Hospital Discharge

Hospital Discharge

Catapult your Business into the Future

Experience the magic of Sensi

Sensi supports over 80% of major U.S. home care networks.