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Home Care Providers

Unparalleled Value

24/7 Care Enablement

Utilize tech enabled solutions to offer round-the-clock safety-net services, while optimizing performance of your caregiver staff.

Enhance Caregiver Retention

With real time performance data, you can better reward exceptional employees, intervene on potential burn out and support them when needed, ensuring their ongoing loyalty and satisfaction.

Proactive Risk Management & Mitigation

Put out fires before they start, detect anomalies right away, predict and prevent unwanted occurrences, support conflict resolution, detect potential burn out, treat lack of compatibility and act proactively to avoid risk and exposure.

Outstanding Credibility & Referrals

Your clients and their families know that a homecare agency using Sensi, is one that is committed to excellence in care.

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Unique Advantages

Improve the Quality of Your Workforce

With the visibility into the level skills and expertise of your caregivers, you can better advance them, provide additional training and invest in enhancing their skills, ensuring an outstanding level of care at all times.

Zero Blind-Spots, Zero Intrusion

Unlike cameras, Sensi is a fully automatic trigger-based audio analytics platform, meaning that it only sends alerts upon detecting risk or distress, and can even monitor showers and other private rooms, preserving privacy and dignity.

Fully Automated System

No added work for caregivers!! Sensi doesn’t require any human intervention, does not rely on caregiver / client feedback, is not dependent on manual activation or analytics to obtain insight.

Plug & Play

Sensi is compatible with existing hardware (device agnostic) – no complex integration, installation or added costs

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