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Seniors & Family

Rest assured that your loved ones are getting just the right amount of professional care, at the highest quality standards, while having the peace of mind of 24/7 support.

Unparalleled Value

Quality Commitment

If your homecare agency is using Sensi, rest assured it is committed to the highest quality of care.

Regaining Independence

When off shift, Sensi can serve as a 24/7 silent risk detection layer, so you know, beyond a doubt, that your loved ones are enjoying the perfect combination between just the right amount of quality care hours, alongside the ability of living on his own terms.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that no matter how busy you are in your daily life, you are always on top of your loved one’s well being.

Unique Advantages

Dignity & Privacy

Unlike cameras, Sensi is a fully automatic, trigger-based audio analytics platform, meaning that it only sends alerts upon detecting risk or distress, can even monitor showers and other private rooms, preserving privacy and dignity.

Fully Automated System

Sensi doesn’t require any human intervention, so it is not dependent on manual activation, nor on human analytics to obtain insight. In the event of risk or distress detection, an alert is automatically sent to the dashboard.

Plug & Play

Sensi is compatible with existing hardware (device agnostic) – no complex integration, installation or added costs

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