What Is Remote Care Monitoring?

Long-term care for the elderly is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In the US alone, it is valued at over 400 Billion dollars, with an annual growth rate of more than 6%.

The growth of this industry is fueled by the aging of the population. As the number of older adults grows, so does the number of older adults who require assistance with activities of daily living. Since most older adults prefer to age in place, and wish to continue living at home for as long as possible, the demand for home care is expected to increase.

Personal care aides, also known as “caregivers”, are home care’s unsung heroes and the industry’s most in-demand workers. They are the ones who work days and nights, for a noble cause – caring for our elders. Their job is both physically and emotionally demanding, burnout is a real issue, so it is no surprise that according to the latest industry surveys, the turnover rate is a whopping 64%.

How do home care providers monitor the quality of care?

In home care providers employ a distributed and remote workforce who care for vulnerable older adults in their home. While most home care providers consider the quality of care to be their number one priority, having their caregivers work remotely in clients’ homes makes tracking and measuring both client and caregiver satisfaction a challenging task. 

Office staff at home care agencies spend hours on the phone, using valuable time to talk to clients and caregivers,  trying to stay on top of things In the pre-covid era, home visits were another common way to ensure that everything was going according to the care plan.

Families who feel the need to have visibility into the home would sometimes install cameras, and watch them remotely to see with their own eyes that their loved-ones are safe and taken care of.

Why is care monitoring important for long-term care providers?

Any business and service provider wants to keep their clients happy. Most business owners understand that employee satisfaction is just as important. What’s unique about home care is that it is a regulated industry that is also highly litigious. Not knowing what goes on in each and every home, during each and every shift exposes providers not only to client and caregiver turnover, but also to penalties and lawsuits.

The very nature of home care doesn’t allow owners and office staff to be in all places at once, so what is the solution?

Sensi.Ai can help!

Sensi.ai developed an innovative remote care monitoring solution, providing insights for home care owners, with the goal of improving quality of care and better managing and retaining caregivers.

Sensi.Ai eliminates blind spots, safeguards clients, and helps employers ensure that the best quality of care is being delivered. The system analyzes the daily routine and provides insights that directly impact the business’s bottom line.

This first-of-its kind solution is set to be the standard for remote care monitoring in upcoming years. Forward thinking home care leaders are already enjoying the benefits of Sensi.Ai’s system. Do you want to be ahead of the pack? Schedule a demo today and find out how you can leverage the power of our technology and data-driven approach to make decisions based
on facts and not on gut instinct, gain critical insights regarding your care team, and grow your business.


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